Things Change

When I was studying for my life coaching certification my instructor warned his students that we might experience a change in our social circles.

The work to become a (well equipped) life coach includes working on one’s own issues, baggage, limiting beliefs, and all the other sh*t that doesn’t serve us. 

Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash

This can be threatening to those around us. They may not be ready to explore their own issues, or may not have the maturity to relate to people working to better themselves. 


My friend group has gone through this recently. I’ve had to find ways to come to peace with the fact that friendships are living entities. They ebb and flow. They stretch, and sometimes they break. 

Being warned during my certification process definitely has helped take the sting out of these recent changes. Taking counsel from a friend who is also stretching her wings really has helped me as well. She’s experienced some of these changes with her pack of buddies in the last few years. 


Be flexible. Understand that change is normal. Stay focused on what feels like your true track. Don’t get bogged down when others can’t or won’t keep up with your progress. Your paths are not theirs and theirs are not yours.

Be well, thanks for hanging in there with me 🙂